Thursday, July 2, 2015

Journal Me This

My latest Bi Polar induced obsession has been making journals...  Just today with in 3 hours I made three of them...  And I want to make every kind!!  I also have been going pin crazy about different journals I can keep!  I came across this blog and this chic just gets me!  All these ideas of different journals you can keep!!!  I decided I am going to keep all different kinds of journals, we will see how it works out lol...   So here are some pics of the journals I have been making!!

When I said I have been obsessing over making journals I did not lie...  The one i like the most is the yellow one up there... that is actually made from a 1969 Readers Digest!  I just love those covers dont you!!  I bought about 8 of them so that I can make them all into journals...

So another thing I have been doing is crafting using the pages from the books I am getting these covers from.  I just can not bear to think that I am ruining books... it hurts to much... so instead of just ruining them... i am making them into art!  Something that can make their many years of being unread worth something!!!   Here are a couple of the pages!!!

 Are these flowers I made super cute!!!!  I found some amazing posts about how to make them!!! Here are the roses!!! Arent they soo cute!!!!   

And here are the ones up top there!! And there are actually 20 different paper flowers just in this blog post!!!  

The are so great!!! And i definitely enjoyed making them!! I cant wait to figure out what to do with them all lol

Over here on the right you will see that I drew a picture!!!  If you open it all the way you will see that I circled words in it that went to the picture!!!  YAY!!!  Got this idea from my daughter's school actually!  In first grade she did something like this on a page from a college text book.  It was awesome!  Here it is!!! In my pinterest board!!! 

And over on the left here you will see a Christmas tree I am making!!  Its going to be adorable when I finish it!!!  I am thinking of some sort of green spray paint... we will see how it turns out!!!

So that is the art I am working on...  Other than that my life has been overwhelming ... I try to do all of these projects to keep my mind off of it...  here are a couple others that took up my time..

 Made a coat hooky thingy for my son's room since my daughter has one in her room, he really wanted one to... he loves it!!!
Made a lamp out of an old clarinet that would never work again..  I love it as a lamp!! And I did all of the electrical work myself!!!

And here are pics of all my kids lol... My two people kids and my three fur kids lol...  (dont mind the messy house... i had my nephew at one point during that day and he loves to give wanna a run for her money lol)

Well I think this will be the last pictures of this post lol...  What do you think???


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