Saturday, June 13, 2015

Welcome to my Opinion...

It is hard to explain who I am with out people becoming upset... Most of the time they are upset because  either 1. they don't understand or 2. they have opinions that don't match mine and they don't like that.  I like to just let people believe what they want.  As long as they do not come around me disrespecting me then i really don't care about their beliefs ... I mean yes... sometimes it is fun to talk about how you are different from each other.  But people should understand that everyone is different and will have their own views on things.

A good example of this comes with the whole being gay thing...

My view:

I personally am a true bi-sexual woman.  I say true bi-sexual because you have those people who do it to make their man happy... or they are what I like to call "drunk" bi's.  They would never actually have a real relationship with a woman that could lead into a forever.  I always felt weird and out of place in the world that i lived in...  when i finally let myself just roll with who i was... well it was amazing honestly... i never felt as good as when i just started taking off the mask and became who i truly am...  I am a Wiccan bi-sexual polyamorous woman.  And I am ok with that, and i am not ashamed ...  I believe that one day I will have a forever woman, who i will go through special times with and share a family with.
But in all honesty... i could careless if you are gay or not, i just want you happy... i want you to be ok with who you are...  when you see someone you care about, i want your eyes to light up and to just have that euphoria that happens when you see them.  You see so many people getting offended by the idea of love...
I don't believe in psychotic displays of affection in front of people... no matter what your sexual orientation is...  Believe me I dont want to look over and see a man and woman going crazy any more than i want to see two women or two men or how ever you have your life set.  I wouldn't do that, and i hope that people would be respectful enough to not do it either.   Now light hand holding, a hug, a kiss on the cheek or a little butt rub... and I think that is adorable and its nice to see that kind of love and affection out and about.
When it comes to my kids, we have conversations about how everyone is different and no two people are exactly the same... that you can love whom ever you want as long as you love that person fully in the way that you love them...   We talk about everything and i make sure they know that they can ask me anything they want... im not a sugar coater, i dont lie or make them feel like their questions are naughty or inappropriate ... i would rather them hear things from me than to have them learn things from their friends.  I encourage them to form their own opinions.  I am very lucky to have had parents that were the same way.  They never pushed their views on us.

As you see... i definitely have different thoughts and feelings than others... and most people who are bi or gay are not polyamorous..... and of course not everyone is Wiccan.  I am different... and honestly... I suffer from depression... but if i wasn't able to be who i am... it would probably be a lot worse than what it is.

I believe in loving people to the fullest...  and that is just who i am... maybe the next post will be explaining my polyamorous nature...  who knows... i just knew i had to get some of this off of my chest.

Alannah Mae

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