Thursday, May 21, 2015


Aiden (nephew), Zhander (son), Blayre (daughter, way in the back), Rhiley (nephew), and Me
I wanted to start this blog off with a picture of four people who make my world a brighter place...  And now I want to explain to you... who I am and what this blog is going to be for...

Hello... my name is Alannah, I am 29 (30 on November 1st!! WOOHOO!!) and I have:
 two children

 two dogs
Misa (the chihuahua), Severus (the Pomeranian)

 soon to be 3
Kiba (the Mini Weenie)
I have had a crazy last 7 months...  so let me start off with what happened and why I have decided to start this little blog....

7 months ago my husband let me know that he wanted a divorce... wow right... throwing the big guns out there... the crazy thing is... i thought everything was going perfect!  I always said... "I have the perfect husband, the perfect job!  Perfect kids!  now all I need is the house!"  But obviously he didn't think that way...  which of course makes me super sad considering I was in love with him...  
But I am odd I guess... because all I did was say "Ok, I will find a place."  I didn't argue with him... How can I argue with someone who says he doesn't love me, I cant convince him otherwise.  My thing is "I love you, I want you happy, and that is all that matters"  So if that means not being with me... well then that is ok...
He is still my best friend, we spend a lot of time together and with the kids.  Even with his girlfriend who is amazing.
So, after that I went and got my own place by the end of the week... a three bedroom trailer with two baths and a lot of extras... which is amazingly awesome

Alright, so even though i had a new place and stuff like that... things off course felt like it was falling apart on me...  not only did my glasses end up breaking... in half... so i had to get new ones, my phone fell out of my hands and smashed... so i had to get a new one of those... then the program i was working on was being discontinued... so i either had to find a new program... or find a new job....  Everything was going crazy.  On top of that, every time i turned around there was someone asking me out... I know i shouldn't be upset by that, but i had just split from a husband that I loved with all my heart and I just was not ready for something like that!!!

Luckily here at the 7 month mark things are going well for me... I was picked up by another program..  I do have new glasses and new phone and also I even was able to take my kids to Nashville, TN to visit with their Aunt Cassie!!!  It was their first time out of Michigan!!


It was pretty fantastic, I got a picture in the three states they they visited for the first time.  On the way back we went around some back roads and around the mountains... It was amazing!!  And the kids loved it!!!

So that is just a little bit of what is going on with me...  Now with this blog I want to use it to show all of my awesome crafts... and to vent.. and I'm going to try to use this blog as my friend.. somethings I might not open up to the public... but others..  If I post it so the public can see it that means I would like your input!!  Well, its time for me to get back to my training for the new program!  I cant say what it is! But just know that it is amazing!!!!!

Lots of Love,

Alannah Mae 

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