Friday, May 22, 2015

$52 for two weeks of groceries?? What??

So I decided today as I was paying bills... that I was not going to have enough money to do my crazy grocery shopping... ok...  Its not crazy...  my limit is usually $150... but I honestly usually use under $100...  I am big on Meijer MPerks!!!  Or my Kroger card... Or Dollar Tree (depending on what I am getting of course)  To get back to the point...

I have decided to limit myself to $52 ...

 I know you all are saying "WWWHHHAAAAA!!!!!!"
But i will tell you, that I have meat in the freezer... and also bread...  KROGER was having their $10 for 10 deal and I scooped that up pretty fast quick in a hurry...

So here is a list of everything I have!

Corn (1 can)
peas (2 can plus 1 bag)
black beans (2 can)
kidney beans (1 can)
garbanzo beans (1 can)
mixed veggies (1 can)
Broccoli (1 bag)
peppers (2 bags)
green beans (1 bag)
Carrots (1 can)
Veggie broth (1 can)

Spaghetti Sauce (3 cans)
tomato sauce (1 can)
tomato soup (1 can)
pumpkin (1 can)
Blue berries (bag)
strawberries (bag)

rigatoni noodles
lasagna noodles
Cavatappi Noodles

Rice side dishes (3)

Turkey Burger (3)
Venison Burger (1)
Beef Burger (1)
Hot dogs (1)
Venison Chops (3 packages)
Chicken (6 boneless skinless 1/2 breast)
Chicken broth (2 can)
beef broth (1 can)
chicken gravy (2 cans)

Other stuff:
orange jelly
pancake mix
bread crumbs
break (10 loaves)
hashbrowns (2 bags)
ketch up
bbq sauce

So this is everything that I have in the fridge and freezer right now...   I know that it is a lot... and for some reason i can never think of anything to cook!! well since i have it all on paper it will be different for these next two weeks...

So here is my grocery list..

Lunch Meat
Heavy Cream

I have decided to make my own butter and butter milk... as well as Taco Seasoning !!!   Heck... I have the stuff to go all out and make Tortillas if i really want to... who knows... maybe i will ... I have two kitchen helps that would probably love to be a part of all the makin!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic time!!

Alannah Mae

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